Competition Calendar

So here it is….my international calendar from now until the end of the year! At the minute I’m just back training so it will be some time before I’m ready to be fighting fit. I’m sure I’ll have a couple of Irish based competitions in the next few weeks also but for now here are the big ones:

First up is the Flanders Cup in Belgium in late September. Last year I had a very lazy August and left myself just a couple of weeks to train for this competition which meant I was seriously battling the fatness and had to move up a weight to compete at 60kg instead of 55kg. I had a pretty decent competition coming home with a silver medal against a tough opponent in the final. This year I’m looking to get back to my own fighting weight where I feel a lot sharper, faster and fitter and go one step better! As always I expect the top female fighters in the World to be there so it will be a tough ask but I’ll certainly be ready and do everything in my power to challenge for the title.

The Bristol Open will fly in pretty quickly after the Flanders Cup on 15th and 16th of October. With just two weeks between the two events it will be a big ask to recover and be ready to perform at this competition. I haven’t missed the Bristol Open for years now as it is one of the toughest and well run competitions about and one of the very few events that recognise gender equality by allocating equal prize money to both male and female champions. Last year I had an amazing time at the Bristol Open! After a shaky start of almost missing my first fight by being late I pulled it together to come out in first place of a World Class -55kg division – sweet!!!

Finally, as you may know I have retained my National Title this year and will be representing Ireland at the WAKO European Championships in Greece at the end of November. I’m thrilled to be training for this prestigious event and after falling short with bronze medals or missing the WAKOs due to illness over the past few years I really am motivated to win this competition. It’s been four years since I won the WAKO European Championships and ironically it’s been the same length of time since I’ve been this passionate about my sport….perhaps this is the ingredient I need to add to the mix to get back on top of this particular podium.

For now I’ll be training away and I’m blessed to be part of the KBI Junior Kickboxing Teams training over the next 7 weeks as they are gearing up to take on the Worlds best Juniors and Cadets in CityWest. A really talented bunch like this are the best group to be training with, along with our senior girls! Watch out for our junior superstars at the WAKO World Championships in Dublin from 27th August until 3rd September.

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