What not to say to a Kickboxer!

So earlier this week I was having a conversation with a friend who questioned why I wouldn’t mill into a massive feed and I of course went through the whole spiel yet again about how I’m starting back training and having to make weight bla bla bla….This is just only one of many regular questions I get asked or statements I come up against all the time as a fighter and I thought I’d put some of them together and see how many of you can relate to these or how many of you non-athletes are guilty of these!!

Number 1: “What do you mean you can’t eat that? You don’t look fat?“

My response: Yes if only at the official weigh-ins they would just look at me and agree that I look 55kg! Err no I actually need to be that weight on the scales. 

Number 2: “I know you’re going to win this, sure haven’t I lit a candle for you”

My response: Thanks Mum that’s all it will take…no training needed at all.

Number 3: (The morning of a weigh in) “Just drink plenty of water that will take the hunger off you”

My response: I have actually no words for this one.


Number 4: “I know someone who is a World Kickboxing Champion – I actually think they are like seven times World Champion, their name is such and such do you know them? “

My response: No

Number 5: The newbies in the gym when they are breezing through training and you’re about to drop…..”I thought you were fit hahaha”. 

My response: Lovely, you’ve just walked through the door fresh as a daisy while I’m on my second session today and 10th session of the week…pure disdain for you right now.

Number 6: “I know exactly what you mean, it’s soooo hard dieting” while inhaling a danish and a sugar loaded latte. 

My response: Yes, yes you really do.

Number 7:  “You don’t look like a kickboxer”

My response: What am I even supposed to say to this? 

Number 8: Within minutes of losing a major final..”well done”. 

My response: Get out of my life right now…for ever. The rule of thumb here is not to speak to me for at least a week after this trauma.

Number 9: “Ah sure it’s the taking part that counts…”

My response: I’m starting to think you’re locked.

Caradh Podium WAKO 2012

Number 10: “What the heck are you wearing?? “ (looking horrified) 

My response: Oh yeah, I forgot how kickboxing suits look in real life that I’ve strolled into the shop fully kitted out…oops!