Never let limiting beliefs get in the way…..

Looks like it’s time for a new treadmill! After setting myself some training goals over the past couple of months, I have managed to hit the top speed that the treadmill will reach…f**ckin delighted!! Hitting these numbers may sound so trivial to some but for me it has shown me something far bigger than reaching a small training goal. For years I’ve always had certain beliefs about how fast I could be or what I could achieve or that illness would stop me from achieving goals etc etc. A few weeks ago I was given a training plan from my coach who has really pushed me beyond what I thought was ever possible. When I first looked at the training plan my immediate reaction was to laugh and think “yeah right, that is not going to happen”.

That thought alone is like many I’ve had that has hindered me for years from achieving more than I have or more than I now know I can. I realised that my beliefs were actually self-limiting beliefs and so I set out to have some fun and see how far I could push myself in this one area – running. The worst that could happen is that I’ll drop my weight ahead of my next weigh in.


Well yesterday at my early morning gym session I shocked myself; I just pushed the speed button to what I thought I could just about manage and hoped I wouldn’t fall off. What happened was the button jammed. Ooops, did I just break the treadmill? At that speed I didn’t really have time to think about that as my mini-legs were moving for dear life! After 40 seconds I slammed the stop button just in the nick of time and saved myself an embarrassing fall from the machine. At that moment it dawned on me, the button didn’t just jam…..the treadmill couldn’t go any faster. Yussssss!!! I had done something I didn’t think I could do and although it’s only a small training exercise, this has changed my approach to everything now and it will become part of my arsenal in my sport from now on.


You always hear people talk about believing in yourself but it’s only now that I know what that really means. From this moment forward I will be clinging to the belief that anything I want is achievable no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Probably keep most of these ideas and goals to myself though in case they’re too far fetched that people think I’m a nutter! Onwards and upwards……..