From Belgium to Bristol!!

Why do athletes have a bad performance or a bad day? For years I would spend ages analysing what went wrong, what I could do better and what were the areas I could have managed better. Even after 18+ years in my sport, a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology and plenty of “bad days” I’m still no clearer on what the answers are! For someone who always wants to get to the bottom of things, the penny is finally dropping that there is no bottom and you will go insane trying to get all of this figured out! Sometimes a bad day is just a bad day!


Well that’s what it was for sure with me in Belgium a couple of weeks ago and for someone who hates losing more than they like winning, I was pretty impressed that I was for once able to get over this loss before a full week had passed…..slowly making progress here! That said I’m not at the stage where I can talk about it too much so while letting you all know that I finished with a quarterfinal placing (no medal) the rest of my blog is focusing on what’s next!!

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The good news is I will have my coaches with me at the next International in Bristol in a couple of weeks and after that it’s a straight run into the WAKO European Championships in Greece at the end of November. I’m really looking forward to these competitions now and this week has been a really productive one in terms of quality training. After a couple of days rest we were back training hard and each weekend now will be full with National Squad training. Last weekend was packed full of sparring with the Irish Team and although I’m not at my best just yet I’m using these sessions to develop and work on new techniques that will be in the bag for when it matters at the Europeans next month.

I’m really excited for the whole team this year as there is some mega talent in the group and after some of us had disappointing results at last years Worlds in Dublin, there’s a  real feeling that better things are to come for us all this year. Let’s hope we can match or better the Top 2 placing the Junior Team got in the medals table last month!!