Crohns Disease – Not a Weight Loss Plan

I hadn’t planned on another Crohns related blog this week but after I got a very strange comment on the last blog I just had to address it. The good news is I got some really good feedback from my blog last week and I’m chuffed that my views and followers are growing so thanks everyone! I did get one comment however asking me this “I want to lose weight, how do I get Crohns?”. I didn’t reply to this reader directly as I have too much to say to put in a couple of sentences!!!


I’m pretty shocked that people think this is a good thing to have but I know that a lot of people don’t really know what Crohns disease is so on the outside it can look like it’s a handy way to get rid of the bulge. I’m here to set the record straight!!!

Ok so when you first get a flare up or a bad bout of Crohns it’s most likely that you will lose weight….hurrray right? Eh well not really. That weight loss has only come because you spend all day and night chucking up (or erm more embarrassingly sitting on the toilet) any food, water and even air that is still inside your stomach so you don’t even get 5 minutes to try on the skinny jeans that you wanted to fit into. And if you think you’re taking some nice selfies and heading out on the town looking like a wee beaut think again. You will be lucky to be standing let alone to be able to get the eyebrows on and out the door…trust me!

And it gets worse, then comes the agony and pain of having something stuck in your gut. Yep when your intestines get inflamed they narrow and if you have a nice piece of carrot or celery on the way down that gets stuck it can take days to pass through. The pain of this is unbearable. It’s like someone stabbing you with a knife in the stomach constantly for days. You can’t even move a certain way to ease the pain so the only thing that works here is getting hauled into the hospital to be hooked up to some morphine and being fed through a drip.

Then you find a mirror and realise you look like you’re part of the Adams family. In other words you look like absolute shit. So here you are looking like a dying rat and in a world of pain that you will do whatever you need to stop the agony. Here come the meds then. And after a few weeks of this you feel great and ready to go back doing whatever it is you love doing – in my case getting kicked and punched in the face! You’ve lost the weight and you’re sorted now right? Ha I wish! Nope the reason you’re back feeling better is because of the meds you’ve taken and what comes with this is the joy of putting on weight! So back to square one and really the thing for me about Crohns is that in order to make myself feel like a normal human being it actually causes me to gain more weight that I lose.


So although if you have Crohns disease and refuse to get help for it you will lose weight. But you will also possibly kill yourself while you’re at it. For me I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to balance managing this disease and making weight for competitions. I can honestly tell you that there are much easier ways to lose weight than wishing you had an incurable disease that causes pain, surgery, arthritis, embarrassing moments and lack of social life so please just think about having a healthy diet and hitting the gym. Or go one better and take up my favourite sport, kickboxing!

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