Take a kickboxers tour of Europe

The other day I was chatting with a friend when she asked me a question which I normally get asked….like at least once every couple of weeks. She said “Oh you’re so lucky, you must get to see some gorgeous countries. What’s the nicest country you’ve been to?” Normally I reply by agreeing and randomly picking what I think they might like to hear as being the best answer and then that’s the conversation over for another couple of weeks. But really the truth is that I don’t have a bloody clue what country is nice and which isn’t! The joys of kickboxing means you would be lucky to see anything other than a hotel room and the inside of a sports arena. You might get lucky to see a local Eurospar shop that has food that looks like it could blend in with what we buy at home. But usually that’s it….seriously.

So with that in mind, I decided I’m going to give you all a quick snapshot of what so many European countries look like from a kick boxers perspective! Now please bear in mind this is not supposed to insult any country at all, it’s just some of what I have seen so try to take it with a pinch of salt! And don’t worry Ireland is also included in this so I’m not being overly biased!!

Get ready to take a once in a lifetime tour of Europe……


Ah yes…I must have been to Italy a zillion times at this stage! My favourite thing about Italy is the food; yep that’s right the food is soooo delish! Pizza, pasta, more pizza yum.


On the down side though I’ve been to Naples when there was a dispute over rubbish collection…er quite the shock!!!!


And last but not least….WTF is this I hear you ask? Yep this is a toilet. I never even seen or heard of this until my first trip to Italy. Even better after they have been in use for a few hours!!!


UK (Bristol)

OK so this is a regular but very quick trip most years. My only serious memory of Bristol are these bad boys…I’ll say no more!



Well it’s been a long time since I was here but I’ll never forget the madness. They only had fizzy water in the Arena! Now I’m a fan of a sparkling water but getting warmed up and fighting with fizzy f****n water. So not cool.



Possibly being a bit biased now cause the happiness of winning the WAKO Europeans here may have left a sweet taste. But wow they really spoiled us at the Palace in Bucharest..amazing!!



So the only upside to having got beaten early this year in Greece was that I had a couple of days to look around the town we were in. This is what I mostly saw….


And rather than repeating myself a million times the next picture is basically all I have seen of Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia etc etc. It may change slightly but normally the inside of the arena is all we see!


And finally here’s a cute snap from a competition I was at this year in Ireland….is it a bin or a plant pot hmmmmm


So when I finish fighting I think I’m going to try become a tourist for a while and actually see the beauty that I know all of these countries have! But with 2017 looking like it will packed full of competitions it won’t be anytime soon.