My top 5 Kickboxing wins!

With a new kickboxing year ahead, I’ve been spending a good bit of time looking through videos of my fights to see where improvements can be made and of course cringing at some of the shocker performances I managed to display! On the bright side, during this process I’ve come across some of my most memorable competitions and some great wins over the past few years, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

  1. Irish Open 2013

This was my first win at the Irish Open – I had been in the final the year before and was leading for the whole fight but lost by a single point. A year later I managed to get my s**t together and win it!

2. Flanders Cup 2012

After years of being on every single step of the major international podiums except the top one, I finally got a breakthrough and won a senior title.

3. WAKO Europeans 2012

This was the best surprise as I was not supposed to be competing in the Europeans that year and even though I moved up two weight categories I was frickin delighted to win this one. This year was probably one of the best years for the Senior Irish team as well.

4. Top Ten British Open 2015

Very emotional as this was my first international competition to win after getting sick and coming back to this level of fighting.

5. Flanders Cup 2014 

This one wasn’t even for a medal or title but I had only been beaten by this fighter at the semi finals of the World Championship the previous year and it was my first chance for a rematch. That loss at the Worlds was one of the toughest to take for me and so to get a decent win was needed….plenty of red mist here!

So they are my favourite wins over the past few years. Clearly 2016 did not get a mention as that was a year to forget!! Roll on the next fight at the New Year Open in Tallaght.