Silver at the Hungarian Kickboxing World Cup

On Friday I flew to Budapest to compete in my second kickboxing international event of the year – the Hungarian World Cup. This was my second year in a row competing here and the standard of competition was so high. In my division alone there were many WAKO World and European Champions and so I knew I would have to be at my best to win something. On Saturday I was taking part in the individual weight categories and I started off well winning my first few fights against some very good fighters. I reached the quarterfinals and was unfortunately beaten. I didn’t fight as well as I had hoped and at that level you have to be focused to win. So no podium finish for me on Saturday.


On Sunday was the Grand Champion event which is an Open Weight category where all athletes of all weights enter to see who is the best overall fighter. I was determined to fix some of the mistakes that I made the day before and was ready to go out and compete once again. I had fights against some amazing athletes and the highlight was beating two WAKO World and European Champions in both the quarterfinals and semifinals which landed me in the final of the Grand Champion. In the final I was competing against an Italian fighter and the final was delayed for some time and unfortunately the momentum I had gained winning my Pool had abandoned me! I literally forgot how to kick and punch and was beaten. Still reaching another final in a Kickboxing World Cup and having some brilliant performances over the weekend is what I’m focused on coming home. It’s always disappointing missing out on winning a gold medal but you have to get over it quickly and move on to the next one. The next events for me are the National Kickboxing Championships in two weeks time and then another Kickboxing World Cup in Italy in four weeks time.

My Club (Tallaght Martial Arts) sent a team to this event in Hungary and out of 249 Clubs that participated from across the World our Club in Tallaght finished in seventh place in the overall medals table. We had so many junior athletes winning medals and had two athletes in the finals of Grand Champion events (there are only four Grand Champion Events in total) which is impressive for a relatively small team and given the quality of competition that was here.